Department of R&D or Engineering 

The research and development department of the company is responsible for the design, industrial prototyping, and archiving of the company’s technical products. This important task is performed by engineers with the specialties of electronic design, RF and high-frequency circuit designer, control and microcontroller circuit design, computer and microcontroller programming, mechanical design, and professional draftsman.

The R&D or engineering department of Takta  is responsible for the research and development of products.
The industrial prototyping design and the archive of the company’s technical products are among the processes that are carried out in this department by engineers specializing in electronic design, RF and high frequency circuit design, control and microcontroller circuit design, microcontroller programming, mechanical design and professional drawing.

From the middle of 2009, Takta, relying on the arms of production and engineering affairs, was able to put its development plan into operation by setting up a continuous assembly production line, and more than 100 thousand digital TV receivers with the TAKVISION brand and more than 120 thousand digital receivers with the brands to produce and supply to the market according to the customer’s order.

Engineering products and services:

Today, Takta manufactures complete transmitters and installs, maintains and supplies passive parts and separate modules for all types of digital TV transmitters (DVB T/T2) and radio transmitters with low-power, medium-power and high-power from 10 watts to 6 kilowatts and also high power amplifiers in bands UHF to microwave SSPA-SSPB has been the leader in the field of research, manufacture in telecommunication and broadcasting projects.


Designing, installing and setting up live audio and video recording and broadcasting studios is one of the activities of the engineering department of Takta Media Town, which has covered projects related to IRIB and has a successful background in the field of studio engineering in the countries of the middle East.