Many companies and public and private television networks in the Middle East region have benefited from Takta’s experience to equip recording and live broadcasting studios. To supply and manufacture the equipment needed by the contract parties, Takta has started exporting the required items.

Among the products and items required for the contracts are broadcasting equipment and radio and television transmitters. Some of the audio and video content production companies in the region have assigned the Takta co. to equip and set up recording and broadcasting studios.


To meet the basic needs of manufacturing, Takta has imported equipment and raw materials from prominent and well-known companies in the world. For example, the parts needed to assemble all kinds of transmitters and passive equipment are imported from German, French and Italian companies.

To equip studios for recording and streaming live audio and video programs, Takta has imported electronic items such as professional video cameras and recording microphones from major companies such as Panasonic, Canon, Sennheiser, etc.