Completed Projects

Radio-Link ordered by IRIB

Radio link Installation is one of Takta’s vast projects, designed, produced and launched in the mid-1980s. Using radio link technology, the information system is carried out without satellites through radio waves.
In this method, data is sent in the form of radio waves, and the receivers convert the waves back into data and broadcast them.

Mero-Ethernet Ordered by TCI

Equipping and launching the Metro Ethernet project of Telecommunication Company of Iran was one of the largest projects of Takta Co. started in the last half of 2018.

During the project, telecommunication data system was established in 168 centers of Tehran province from Hashtgerd to Damavand (including the current Alborz province).

The flexibility, rapidity, ease of communication and cheapness of Ethernet technology, along with the increasing use of this technology in local networks, has raised Ethernet as an excellent technology in urban networks.

With the benefit of this technology, the use of ADSL system, video conferencing, IPTV, and other projects made possible by data transmission, was enabled for all Internet users and telecommunications subscribers.

With the expansion of ADSL, the coding technology on it was created by Takta’s experienced engineers so that Takta co. could bring content to users’ homes through wire lines.

In Progress Projects

Design and manufacture of 3 kW high power transmitters ordered by IRIB

Takta Co. started the project of designing and manufacturing high power transmitters of 3 kilowatts in (1+1), (2+1) and (3+1) structure ordered by IRIB. In order to cover the TS4 packages, the process of producing and equipping high-power transmitters  is put on the agenda.