Takta Co. Laboratories services
in Tehran and Alborz Provinces


Takta announces its ability to hold training courses in the field of its laboratory activities for productive and educational organizations. Applicants can register their requests by completing the customer contact form.


Laboratory test:

DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial receiver laboratory:
Various tests are performed in the laboratory of Takta Co. in Tehran, and a certification is issued at the end of each test. Takta Co. has received permission to issue test results and qualification certificates from Iran’s National Accreditation Center of Iran and in cooperation with the Communication Regulatory Authority of The I.R. Iran.

Among the most important and common tests of the Takta laboratory in Tehran, the test of software and hardware resources, including tuner, demodulator and audio and video decode could be mentioned.

Antenna test laboratory:

In the Takta Co. antenna laboratory located in Alborz province, various tests can be performed, including the necessary measurements such as phase, gain, radiation pattern, impedance, and noise figure of any type of antenna at high frequencies and by the far field method. more informatrion

In addition to 50 years of experience in the field of receiver equipment, one of the most important features of the Takta antenna center is conducting tests and measurements related to the antenna parameters and types of electromagnetic emitters. The accurate and up-to-date equipment of this center, along with experienced experts and experienced specialists, has made the name of Takta Co. prominent and on top of the peaks of success in this field.

Energy consumption standard determination laboratory:

The increase in energy demand in the world, the predicted reduction of existing fossil fuels, and the increasing evidence of global warming during the past decades, obliged the producers and importers of products to affix energy labels on products whose standards have been compiled and made mandatory.

Energy label tests for products such as televisions, computers, screens, power supplies, and imaging equipment are held in Takta’s energy consumption standard determination laboratory. At the end, the test result is issued in the form of a certificate.

Environmental conditions test laboratory:

Takta’s The environmental Test Laboratory is ready to serve customers with appropriate and accurate facilities and equipment to perform tests that require special environmental conditions.

The laboratory has created environmental conditions of -30 degrees Celsius for equipment with dimensions of 200cm*50cm*25cm and also environmental conditions of +60 degrees Celsius for equipment with dimensions of 150cm*70cm*70cm.

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