Vision Statement

With a new approach and rethinking the needs of the modern society through research, innovation and advanced technologies, “Takta” searches and attempts for a future on knowledge-based economy and create regional growth and development.

In the framework of this vision, Takta endeavors to create an effective atmosphere and a suitable environment for spreading the culture of technological entrepreneurship and the economy based on innovation in the society; an environment where scientific and industrial elites use their abilities to develop technology and technological businesses.

Some of the most important plans of Takta Co. in the 10-year Vision are:

  • A rich collection of startups
  •  An attractive environment for domestic and foreign investors;
  • Synergy of relations with local, regional, national and international institutions and organizations and stakeholders;
  • Attracting the participation of active accelerators in the field of technological businesses;
  • Development of work spaces containing high-quality and inspiring architecture to foster creativity;
  • Creating a dynamic educational environment for cultivating tomorrow’s scholars and entrepreneurs in line with the participation of more specialized and committed forces in the country’s economic development scene.
  • Improving the welfare of employees
Mission Statement

Takta Electronics Research and Production Company, which started its activities by manufacturing equipment needed by IRIB as one of the subsidiary companies, has always sought to spread the knowledge it has gained in the field of technology. From now on, Takta considers presenting scientific findings in the form of electronic technology training courses and workshops as one of its natural missions.