The capabilities of Takta Co.
in the field of telecommunications and informatics equipment

Supply, install and set up all types of satellite uplinks (1+1), (1+4) and (1+3)

Supply of MPEG-4 DVB-T Head-End equipment

Supply, installation and set up Shop-Work SFN equipment

Supply, installation and set up more than 70 passive reserve NEC transmitters in (3, 2, 1) KW and high-power UHF types with l dummy load; Installation equipment, remote control system

Supply ku band convertor

Supply, equip and set up the metro Ethernet telecommunication network of Tehran province

Design and supplying equipment and services for LTX-TX centers in Tehran province

Provide equipment for upgrading the country’s FM plan

Provide value added service

Supply digital radio spare parts

Supply NEC digital radio

Supply data network equipment for production building of IRIB

Supply and install a 600-number central telephone exchange