Takta Antenna Center
in Alborz Province

Takta Antenna Center in Alborz Province is the oldest active center for testing parameters of antennas and electromagnetic radiators, microwave circuits, and related subjects.

This center was equipped and put into operation in the 1970s by Scientific Atlanta Inc.

Measurement equipment of the center measures various parameters such as phase, gain, radiation pattern, impedance, and noise figure of any kind of antenna in high frequencies and with the method of far-field. This is what makes this center distinguished and special in the Middle East.


Capabilities and Capacities of Antenna Testing Center and Wave Propagation

  • Proficient and experienced experts in communication with foreign professors
  • Specific radio equipment for test and evaluation
  • More than 4,000 square meters of indoor space
  • Equipped with machine tools and mechanical workshop
  • Special welding workshop (Argon & Aluminum)
  • Plating workshop
  • Designing antennas for public and special applications
  • Prototyping antennas in any type and form as requested
  • Designing high-frequency active and passive circuits
  • Designing and making prototypes of various passive components like combiners, filters, switches, termination, etc.
  • Providing modern methods for decreasing interference, especially radio and TV interference with neighboring countries from the viewpoint of waves propagation
  • Making radio communication complete system one-way and two-way 4Gbps millimeter wave for rather far centers up to 25Km
  • Designing and providing solutions for propagation problems in tunnels and seaside
  • Designing and making various kinds of direction and location finders for use in rescue operations and archiving documents and warehousing